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Welcome to the Rat Report

     This site is established as a public service board to all citizens of the United States. Contained within is an ever-expanding list of names of people who have betrayed a friend, an accomplice or a drug dealer by helping the police in order to avoid paying fines or serving jail time. To the police, they're an invaluable resource because their souls are so malleable, their integrity so weak, their sense of camaraderie so faint. They're also easily tricked or bribed into giving up information, sometimes because they simply don't know their rights. Among "peace officers" (police) they are known as informants, but most people call them narcs, snitches, and rats. It should be noted that narcs are under-cover agents who actually work for the police. One could argue that narcs are less immoral because they're not out betraying friends but the truth is they're out betraying fake friends -- people with whom a great deal of trust was shared, maybe even a good laugh or two! Narcs have no friends because their work blends with their social life, earning the trust of "criminals" (the propellant of injustice that is police), they have no time for legitimate relationships. Like a hollow book, the narc sits unread and unnoticed; It hides among the others on the shelf, stashing away secrets until the spine begins to burst. Rats are not so callous. They're ordinary people caught doing something the government doesn't think they should be doing, who spill information in exchange for mercy of the court. They won't face the consequences of their own actions. Nobody wants to be in jail, but friends don't rat on friends and good people don't rat on anyone.

     There is a memorable adage I once heard, and it goes "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time". You've been warned, your name and photograph could wind up on this website.

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